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About Novium Learning, Inc.

Novium LearningTM is a publishing company that provides learning services and instructional materials for career and worklife advancement. Novium Learning delivers these services and content through distribution channels present wherever the student lives, works or learns.

Novium Learning focuses on the rapidly-growing, post-secondary market for vocational and technical training material. The company plays an important role in preparing students and workers for an increasingly diverse and highly competitive job market. By providing technology, training and resources to people who require certification for careers in key markets like health care, personal care, technical trades and public safety, Novium Learning helps adults of any age enter or re-enter the workforce, achieve job satisfaction and improve annual income.

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Novium Learning takes its name from the Latin word “novo” which means to renew, refresh or reinvent. Novium Learning fulfills its promise and mission of delivering relevant and up-to-date information to students who seek professional advancement through the development of new skills and knowledge.

Novium Learning is led by publishing industry veterans Nader Darehshori and Walter Anderson. Mr. Darehshori, the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Houghton Mifflin Company, and Mr. Anderson, the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Parade Publications, provide the experience, leadership and vision to accelerate growth for Novium Learning, its publishers and partners in the United States and abroad.